Project: Bentzen Farms/Omarino Residential Subdivision, Russell

2003 - 2006

Mission: Ecoland Ltd was invited to present Bentzen Farm with a Sustainable Land Management concept using generational planning and landscape design that enabled the current farming activity to transform into, one that was more sustainable than the existing one. The design concentrated on the 150ha coastal portion of Bentzen Farm which is now known as the Omarino Residential Subdivision.

Restorative and productive landscaping was carried out whilst maintaining a historic farming element.
Plantings were planned to fit with the prevailing shapes of the landscape, to be in keeping with
the physical ambience of the surrounding islands and character of the general Coastal edge between Rawhiti to Russell.

Over 400,000 (four thousand) native plants were either planted on contract by Eco-land or planted by farm employees supervised by Eco-land Ltd. The plants were used to revegetate steep inaccessable slopes and wetland edges. In addition further under-planting of existing (cattle browsed) kanuka canopy with native  tree species was done.

Plants were supplied by a temporary nursery on site at Bentzen Farm, constructed and supervised by Eco-land Ltd. Plants were also supplied from Eco-land's own nursery at Kaeo, Kerikeri Plant Production, Supreme Trees,Forest Floor, Te Hana Nurseries, Oratia Nurseries and several other smaller suppliers.

Farm employees under the supervision of Eco-land constructed 15km of new 8-wire fencing to insure livestock remained out of planted areas and water bodies. These fences were non intrusive and in harmony with the landscape. Ten living zones were identified which would have enabled farming to be maintained without compromising the visual appeal of the area.

Pest control was also done enabling the first successful breeding of N.Z Brown Teal in many years.

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