About Us

Eco-land Ltd aims to meld the practicalities and common sense gained from a lifetime of living and working on the land with the principals and theories of sustainable land management to assist others convert to sustainable land use practices. 

Eco-land Ltd is based on a sustainably farmed, 200 acre property near Kaeo, Northland.
Over 15 years it has slowly developed into a sustainable farming unit with an eco friendly family home.

Shane Hyde is the educationally qualified, hands on expert that drives Eco-land Ltd.
He grew up on large New Zealand livestock farms,then worked in horticulture,forestry and milling before buying his own property.

He turned from conventional commercial farming to sustainable farming as a way to alleviate some of the problems facing the modern world.

To assist him make this change he attended Auckland Unitec to study Sustainable Land Management.

After graduating his first project was at Dragon Hill Farm, Russell, where he planned and directed the conversion of a 64 ha coastal property from conventional to sustainable land use.

Other notable projects followed.