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It is Eco-land's belief that Auckland to North Cape could be made into N.Z largest possum free area. This could be attained if all land occupiers and regional managers worked together.

Eco-lands present possum & rat & mice pest control strategy is based on sustained control with focus to eradicate to insure control is actually achieved .

Our objective is to dramatically reduce the possum population, maintain rat and mouse numbers at low density. And consistently reduce stoat and weasel numbers. Total removal of rats and mice would see stoats and weasels targeting birds and insects on a larger scale. Total removal of stoats and weasels would see dramatic increase in rats and mice.

We wish to support land owner / land managers with enviroMate100 bait station management system, pest control training for both professional pest control services and pest control voluntary supporters. We are aware most will require sponsorship from funders and local Councils and are happy to work with all wishing to help enhance the natural environment.

Eco-land offers enviroMate100 implementation and training service for pest control. We using the most up to date possum /rat/ mice control for short term relief of crops,  forests for harvest and conservation and breeding opportunities for native birds.  We offer a complete management systems that also includes stoats plus wild cats as encountered. We promote the use of research and design, education, hands on training, poison, trapping and shooting. We have company health and safe plans and can provide data and gps reference.

We wish to intensify possum control operations within your neighbourhood to eradicate or at least keep possum populations under tight control. We collect possum fur / meat to create downstream business where possible. Our target species are those outside of natures balance: possums, rats, mice, pigs, goats, stoats, cats, rabbits, hares, pheasants and pukeko (where non-managed populations pose negative impacts on other indigenous species and human activities.)


Pest control technology


enviroMate100 is now proudly owned and supplied by Eco-land Ltd

Eco-land has developed an innovative bait station for use in pest control. The enviroMate100 is automatic controlled by timer, it offers 7 separated days of delivery, the days of delivery can be programed to delivery new food source in human absence for between 7-49 days. Pest poisoning can be included within the deliveries and can target multiple pest species in order or concurrently. An example of delivery could promote a new delivery every second day for 14 days. The first 2 delivers could be just lure, the 3rd delivery could be cyanara cyanide for possums the remaining 3 delivers could contain feratox for possums and rat bait. The amount of visits to site would be twice. Once to place and load and once to remove. 

The enviroMate 100 dramatically reduces time spent on the ground patrolling traps and out smarts even the most poison shy possum. Ecoland completed a DOC performance based contract  in 2017 over 533 ha. enviroMate100 were deployed and operated over 400ha with a control of 100ha. Possum monitors showed a 52%WTI index was current at the start and a 7.5%WTI (Wax Tag Index) was achieved within the enviroMate 100 zone. From this work we suggest such results are achievable within 14 days having only 2 visits to site. Rats could also have been controlled within another cycle of 14 days if toxin permission had been granted by DOC

enviroMate 100 can be baited with multiple individually delivered toxins or lures set to catch possums, rats or mice. Future research using meat baits could also provide a tool suitable for stoats weasels and ferrets. enviroMate research shows trap catch increases exceeding 30% per site visit. Fur recovery in low density possum areas is made more economic using enviroMate on a 14 day cycle for lure delivery. Boundary control is also dramatically improved using enviroMate with toxin research suggest a 225% increase in kill than that of a trap boundary checked 2 weekly. Research also has shown 1 single enviroMate 100 with feratox can out paced kill rates of 10 kill traps within the same immediate area.  

The enviroMate 100 is the result of many years research and development by Shane Hyde, MD of Eco-land Ltd and is an innovation that will make huge inroads towards possum eradication in New Zealand, because of it efficiency both physically and financially. enviroMate100 can be used anywhere a person can walk. A professional single operate working in thick difficult terrain can cover 450-500ha every 28 days.

We now offer enviroMate100 to professional contractors and community groups. training and product support will be provided. Please contact us for more information!



 Price per unit $138.00 incl GST  (minimum purchase is 1 box of 12 enviroMate)


enviroMate100 in a “nut shell”

  1. Bait station that has 7 compartments

  2. Bait station that is automatic and programmable

  3. Pest control tool that enhances labour efficiency

  4. Pest control tool that enhances capture effectiveness

Functions of enviroMate 100

  • Lure delivery

  • Toxin delivery

  • Multiple species lure and toxin delivery

  • Presence and absence monitoring

  • All weather delivery

  • Controlled targets

  • 7 new baits automatically delivered as programmed with ability to deliver once weekly for 7 weeks

Management options

  • Standalone system for pest control using toxin

  • Can work concurrently with out toxin to enhance existing trap networks, displays presence and absence

  • Boundary maintenance tool with high efficiency


    Creating sustainable solutions since 1999


    enviroMate 100 supplied by Eco-land Ltd ph. 021 326563

enviroMate 100 are now available!
Orders of 12 or more pieces will be accepted and processed
A down payment of 50% the total value will be expected to start your order.
The 50% balance remaining, inclusive of cartage, training and support materials requested is expected to be paid in full within 7 days of the final delivery invoice date.
enviroMate 100 will be supported with 12 month operation and manufacture fault warranty.
No warranty will be offered for misuse.
Training can be provided to ensure most elements leading to misuse can be avoided.
Training also provides users with "best practice operational standards" to ensuring clean safe and effective pest control is achieved. Training courses lasting two half concurrent half days can be provided to Conservation managers enabling them understanding of the enviroMate 100 and management techniques trailed to date these are fees chargeable.
Product support is available during standard working hours

email for an order form please:


  • “As a matter of interest how many hectares per year you think one person could manage with manual bait stations with one application (a pre-feed then a toxic bait) per year with 200 fine days being available. Like you I am not against 1080 per se but against aerial and I have put "aerial 1080" in most of my post but it gets overlooked. 1080 should only be used as a last resort.”

    Our bait stations are place and remove. They are designed to travel reducing capital cost to operations. If one visit was required per year at each site, dense bush with no cut tracks, one could assume a roll over every 28 -42 days depending if you target possums first (14 days active) and rats/ mice / 2nd poisoning stoats weasels.....(14 days active) plus removal 14 days. Work time is actually 10 days within each 14 day period. 1 person has delivered and installed a minimum of two loads of 14-16 bait stations per 6 hr onsite day, providing the start of placement is no more than 1/2 hour walk from stock piled bait stations. 30 units per day install for 10 days is 300 units loaded (lure for first 6 days and toxin plus lure for 8 days) and ready working continuously A total coverage of 450ha is achieved. The most units placed and loaded whilst walking in one day was 72 but access was easier with cut tracks.
    We calculated 7 deliveries (double cycle) across the year was comfortable, weather did not limit kill ability only health and safety of operators.
    3150 ha of Omahuta type vegetation would be easily achievable by one single operator per year with three visits to each site and 28 days delivery of lure and toxin regardless of weather.
    Russell state forest terrain we estimate based on work in Puketi that one operator would cover 600ha per 42 days , 4200ha per year.

    If only one cycle of 14 days was required for delivery of both cyanide for possums followed by rat bait the turn around per site would be two visits only or 28 operational days to install and remove bait stations from 450ha. of terrain/ vegetation like Omahuta, 5,400ha per year (9 months operation)Russell state forest.
    Cost is around $20 per ha (possums rats mice and possibly other predators as bi kill) depending on toxin system used. , We also use dogs to remove pigs as they impact on the wax tag monitor, the dogs (gps tracked) are also trained on stoats and have under gone kiwi aversion training. At the end of the job we have accurate records of pig runs. Identified locations of goats should they be present.
    We currently work with leg holds on platforms in areas where poison is not permitted. This works well for catching rats plus possums coming to bait stations. The bait station is run for 14 days with lure then traps are opened and run until numbers are reduced, with bait stations then run again for another 14 days delivering new pre feed every second day then traps are again reset.
    We try to reduce the extra trap opening by automating the trap to function on day 13 so we have the first catch awaiting our service.

  • It would be possible to leave units onsite cycling 49 day cycles having 1 new delivery of toxin possum/ rats every 7 days. This could be maintained 7 cycles / 12 months for the cost of an additional $46 per ha plus toxin cost per year.