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It is Eco-land's belief that North Auckland could be possum free before 2020 if all land owners and managers worked together.

Eco-land Possum strategy is regular and evolving management to eradicate, not just control.

Our objective is to urgently reduce the possum population to maintain our environment and economy.     We wish to achieve this through public support, sponsorship and community determination.

We offer immediate possum control and relief for crop,forest and livestock protection. We offer a control towards eradication management and implementation strategy. We promote the use of research and design, education, hands on training, poison, trapping and shooting.

We wish to intensify possum control operations within your neighbourhood to eradicate or at least keep possum populations under tight control. We target species out of natures balance: possums, rats, mice, pigs, stoats, cats, rabbits, hares, pheasants and pukeko (where non-managed populations pose negative impacts on other indigenous species and human activities.)


Pest control technology


NEW! The enviroMate100

Eco-land has developed an innovative automatic self feeding pest poisoning device which releases pre feed material or/and poison over 7 days.

The enviroMate 100 dramatically reduces time spent on the ground patrolling traps and out smarts even the most poison shy possum.

It can be baited and set to catch possums, rats or mice.

The enviroMate 100 is the result of several years research and development by Shane Hyde, MD of Eco-land Ltd and is an innovation that will make huge inroads towards possum eradication in New Zealand, because of it efficiency both physically and financially.


Mini Bait StationsNorth tec students_possum_control.JPG

Shane Hyde at Eco-land Ltd has also developed the Mini Bait Station, The Eco-land Pest control mini bait station is a new generation pest control product aid, for use when working with animal or insect poison pastes.

It is quickly attached to trees and makes poisoning operations safer for all:

  • the operator, the public and non-targeted species.
  • It is weather resistant itself and provides rain cover for the paste

Current field uses:

  • Placement of cyanide paste for possum control and fur recovery
  • (Up to 4 possums can be caught off one bait station.)
  • Chew cards for monitoring possum abundance
  • Rat and mice control using paste based products.
  • It could also be considered when controlling field insects such as ants and wasps with paste poisons.

Download more info on Eco-land's all weather Mini Bait Station (pdf)