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It is Eco-land's belief that North Auckland could be possum free if all land occupiers and regional managers worked together.

Eco-land Possum & Rat & mice strategy is sustained control with focus to eradicate to insure control is actually achieved .

Our objective is to dramatically reduce the possum population, and maintain rat and mouse numbers at low density.    

We wish to achieve this through land owner / manager support for professional pest control services, sponsorship and community determination.

We offer possum /rat/ mice control for short term relief of crops,  forests for harvest and conservation and breeding opportunities for native birds.  We offer a complete management systems that also includes stoats plus wild cats as encountered. We promote the use of research and design, education, hands on training, poison, trapping and shooting. We have company health and safe plans and can provide data and gps reference.

We wish to intensify possum control operations within your neighbourhood to eradicate or at least keep possum populations under tight control. We collect possum fur / meat to create downstream business where possible. Our target species are those outside of natures balance: possums, rats, mice, pigs, stoats, cats, rabbits, hares, pheasants and pukeko (where non-managed populations pose negative impacts on other indigenous species and human activities.)


Pest control technology


enviroMate100 is now proudly owned and supplied by PESTKNOW LTD

Eco-land has developed an innovative automatic self feeding pest poisoning device called enviroMate100 which releases pre feed material or/and poison over 7- 49 days.

The enviroMate 100 dramatically reduces time spent on the ground patrolling traps and out smarts even the most poison shy possum. Possum under performance contract where enviroMate100 operated 52%WTI to 7.5%WTI (Wax Tag Index) in 14 days with only 2 visits. Rats could also have been controlled if toxin permission had been granted

enviroMate 100 can be baited with multiple individually delivered toxins or lures set to catch possums, rats or mice. Future research using meat baits could also provide a tool suitable for stoats weasels and ferrets.

The enviroMate 100 is the result of many years research and development by Shane Hyde, MD of Eco-land Ltd and is an innovation that will make huge inroads towards possum eradication in New Zealand, because of it efficiency both physically and financially. enviroMate100 can be used anywhere a person can walk.

We now offer enviroMate100 to professional contractors and community groups with employed pest control personal. training and product support will be provided. Please contact us for more information!