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Eco-land Pest Control Services and technology aims to eradicate, not to just control pests. It is Eco-land's belief that Auckland to North Cape could be made NZ’s first possum free area.

We, Eco-Land, can’t do it alone but with landowners and administrators of the area working together towards this target, it is achievable.

Eco-land’s present pest strategy is to rapidly lower populations of all pests – possums, rats, mice, stoats, weasels and wild cats -and then maintain a sustained, but economic, boundary control program to stop re-invasion.

The removal of rats, mice, stoats and weasels needs to be done in a balanced way. The removal of rats and mice would see stoats and weasels targeting birds and insects on a larger scale. Total removal of stoats and weasels would see dramatic increase in rats and mice!

We offer a variety of services to land owners, land managers and pest control operators.


1/ A full pest control program using our EnviroMate100 feeder stations either as feeders worked in conjunction with trapping or stand alone as a controlled lure /poison dispenser.

It could be a short-term program of pest control to prevent pest damage of a crop or pest control at critical times in the forest eg: seed gathering or bird nesting.

It could be a longer sustained program to eradicate possums from an area and maintain.


2/ Short pest control training courses using our enviroMate 100TM for both commercial pest control operators and pest control voluntary supporters. With enviroMate 100TM we can target most pests.

We promote the use of research and design, education, hands on training, poisoning, trapping and shooting.

We have company health and safety plans and can provide data and GPS references.

We collect possum fur and meat to supply downstream business where possible.

Our target species are all pest species that are off-setting nature’s balance: possums, rats, mice, pigs, goats, stoats, cats, rabbits, hares, pheasants and even pukekos (where non-managed populations pose negative impacts on other indigenous species and human activities.)


For further information contact Shane Hyde


From 17 enviroMate 100TM sites. This the catch from one cycle of feeding then trapping. One cycle lasts 14 days and then the trapper opens traps onsite for 1 night. This system was deployed in a low density trapping area normally considered un-economic for fur recovery. Two dead possums were left in the forest (18 in picture) .....