Ecoland Ltd is a farm based Northland, NZ business specializing in Sustainable Land Management.


Eco-land Ltd offers practical and advisory services to those who want to work towards a sustainable lifestyle or sustainable farm practises. This means managing the land in a way that keeps it productive, without depleting resources or harming the environment.

Through sustainable land management practices we hope to ensure that the future generations have adequate resources and a clean prosperous environment in which to enjoy a healthy happy life.


We offer services relating to land care, land use and design:

Pest Control

 enviroMate100 bait station supplier, pest control services and training.  Eco-land Ltd with the help of Pestknow Ltd have developed an innovative automatic self feeding pest poisoning device [ more] Guaranteed targeting of possums rats mice with options for stoat and weasel control. Perfect knock down and maintenance tool reducing labour, materials and enabling up to 49 days between servicing.


Planting and

Since 1999 Eco-land ltd has successfully physically planted 1 million native plants. Our planting work includes Riparian, Revegetating & Restoration, Indigenous Forestry, Productive Landscapes [ more]

Planning, Design, Management services

Ecoland offers planning and design for sustainable land management [ more]