Eco-Land Planting services

Eco-land offers experience in planting in the following areas:

  • Planting
  • Riparian
  • Revegetating & Restoration
  • Indigenous Forestry
  • Productive Landscapes

Since 1999 Eco-land ltd has successfully physically planted 1 million native plants.

It is our belief that revegetation and restoration of erosion prone land and erodible riparian margins
is best done using New Zealand native plants.

We are field proven in both organic and chemically assisted revegetation planting, having consistently achieved a 95-98% survival rate in both coastal and rural Northland sites.

We contract grow manuka and other species to ensure the best root quality and maintain the lowest price per ha. Planted native certification has been secured for most planted indigenous forests we have implemented thus ensuring land owner ownership and resource rights to these plants into the future.
We have also assisted the regeneration and restoration of thousands of hectares of marginal land
using Eco-lands native forest management and pest control systems.

Indigenous forestry plantings, manuka for honey and firewood production is a certain change for future land use in N.Z.

Unpredictable forest returns to exotic forest owners and the clean stream and riparian planting promotion
is seeing an upsurge in indigenous plantings in N.Z.

We are here to help you make this change with hands on proven knowledge that will save you thousands.............

Eco-land is an industry leader in revegetation and sustainable land management.

  • We offer on site inspections and consultation.
  • We prepare planting plans and offer project management and project implementation services.
  • We offer maintenance services for the project after planting.
  • We offer pest and weed control advice and management.
  • We promote the use of education, hands on training and planting support.
  • We participate in and promote the preservation and restoration of remnant forests and wetlands on publicly owned land.

To access our depth of experience in large and small scale plantings look on our page of past projects or contact us to find out how we can work with you.