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Feral Animal Control


Opossums were introduced to N.Z from their native homeland Australia in the late 1800,s and again in the early 1900's with the intention of developing a fur trade industry. Little was known, considered or understood at the time about the possible resulting destruction and threat this presented to our native forests, horticulture and farming.

In Australia the possum is naturally controlled by predators and is a protected animal. In New Zealand we now have a multi-million dollar business focused on controling possums as they have no natural predators other than man, dogs and wild pigs.

Current poison campaigns are designed to reduce or halt possum population growth. It was said that possum populations have reached a density of 33 per hectare in some central areas of Northland. Just imagine how many possums could live at your place if they were left uncontrolled!!

Resulting impacts of high possum population are vegetation death, seedling supression, bird's eggs, young chicks and insects eaten. Further threats are that possum population may have been exposed to TB positive livestock when grazing grasslands, if this occurred the disease would spread quickly in areas having a higher population.

Many different methods are used to control possums. Poison's like 1080, cyanide, pest off and talon have been used with varing results. New Zealand uses 80% of the worlds production of 1080, a poison which has been banned in many countries. 1080 has been used in New Zealand for around 50 years for control of both possums & rabbits. 50 years of possum control later and we still have a big environmental and economic problem.

Possums in Northland breed at a rate of 3 young every 2 years effectively renewing the pre-pest control program population every 4-5 years -that is, after a pest control program that targeted a 80% kill!

Most areas within New Zealand are only regionally pest controlled every 5-10 years.

It is our belief that current possum control operations are only causing fluctuations in populations similar to that of farming livestock!!

Please contact Shane (021 326563)

Pest Control Products

Possum Bait Stations
product of Eco-land Ltd

Description of product:  Pest control mini bait station

  • mini bait station aiding animal and insect poison paste application

Field application features:

  • enables poison paste to be applied to trees and structures in a manner that is visually responsible and practically safe
  • improved safety to operator and general public during applications of poison paste in the environment
  • reduces non targeted animal and bird interference, especially dogs and kiwi
  • a system that is easy to locate, identify, remove or dispose
  • affordable and bio-degradable
  • enable’s a cleaner and safer  new generation of pest control
  • light weight disposable bait station and line marker

Design Features

  • 100-150mm long, 30-50mm wide to 15-25mm
  • Wedge cut shape and fold cresses to enable a step platform and protective lid 
  • easy fold bio-degradable cardboard
  • weather resistance lid
  • coloured for visibility in the environment of application
  • wording” poison”  and internationally recognised skull and cross bones
  • attached by two or more staple gun staples

Current implementation field

  • Cyanide paste for possum control and fur recovery
  • Chew cards for monitoring possum abundance
  • Rat and mice control using paste based products

Considered field

Feeding or control paste applications for insects such as ants and wasps